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Ballato's Menu


Cheese & Ale Spread
With roasted garlic, chives, and crusty baguette


Scottish Smoked Salmon
Capers, red onion, lemon oil, horseradish sauce, rye toast points
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Blackened Tenderloin Tips
Tips of beef, skillet-blackened in cajun spices, flamed in maker’s mark bourbon finished in cajun cream sauce


Mariner-style Mussels
Steamed black mussels with lemon, garlic, white wine fresh tomatoes

Scotch Egg
Classic pub snack-boiled egg wrapped in spicy fried sausage, served with mustard sauce


Calamari Americaine
Caramelized garlic, banana peppers, cherry peppers, olive oil
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Buffalo Wings
With celery and bleu cheese


Chicken Tenders
Served buffalo-style or with barbecue sauce


Fried Clam Strips

Hand Battered Onion Rings


Hand Battered Mushrooms
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Thin-cut French Fries



Our Famous Clam Chowder

Caribbean-style Seafood Chowder
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Mixed Greens
Grape tomatoes, cucumber, red onion
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Tavern Salad
Amish chicken breast, baby greens, sundried cherries, port-poached pear, stilton-hazelnut terrine, raspberry-port vinaigrette


Classic Ceasar Salad
With Grilled Chicken…
With Blackened Salmon

Cobb Salad
Chopped watercress, greens, boiled egg, avocado, chicken, bacon, scallions, and blue cheese tossed with cobb dressing




Homemade Chilli


Filet Mignon
Band-selected tenderloin with zip sauce, grilled mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes


Shepherd’s Pie
Seasoned grounded beef pie, topped with garlic-mashed potato gratin


Amish Chicken Pot Pie
Topped with french puff pastry


Traditional English Prime Rib Dinner
With oven-browned potatoes, au jus. yorkshire pudding and horseradish sauce

Petite Cut
Large Cut

Smoked St. Louis Spare Ribs
Glazed with our house barbecue sauce, coleslaw and oven-roasted potatoes
Half Slab
Full Slab

English-style Fish & Chips
Battered cod with thin cut fries and coleslaw, malt vinegar served upon request


Delmonico Steak
14 oz. choice beef with grilled mushrooms, oven browned potatoes, zip sauce or cajun bourbon sauce

Smoked-roasted Amish Chicken
Glazed with our house barbecue sauce, coleslaw, oven-roasted potatoes

Jumbo Shrimp Dinner
Hand-battered, served with french fries, cocktail sauce, and coleslaw
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The Mount Vernon
Our famous ham and cheese sandwich made with baked virginia ham, double melted swiss and special sauce on a fresh onion roll


The Philadelphia
Roast beef, sauteed peppers and onions, mushrooms, provolone, and zip sauce on a hoagie bun

The Cubano
Ham, smoked pork, pickles, swiss cheese, mustard and mayonnaise on a press-grilled cuban bread

The Cornwallis
Corned beef stacked on seeded rye with swiss cheese, coleslaw and russian dressing


The Chesapeake
Fresh talapia served either blackened or fried with lettuce, tomato, and onion, on sesame bun, tartar sauce and lemon

Continental Reuben
Corned beef, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese on grilled rye

The Original Redcoat Special Hamburger
A half pound of hand selected freshly ground choice beef prepared continental style. we think our burger are best prepared just the way we have been making them for over thirty years, but here are some of the more popular variations our customers have developed: swiss, cheddar, monterey jack, provolone, blue cheese. smoked gouda, bacon, guacamole, raw onion, grilled onions, burnts onions, sauteed mushrooms, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, russian dressing, barbecue sauce, zip sauce, onion roll, baguette, grilled rye, pumpernickel, chopped olives, jalapenos, banana peppers


Homemade Desserts

Olde Florida Key Lime Pie


Ice Cream Burger
Chocolate chip cookies buns, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge
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Creme Brulee


Raspberry-pecan Bread Pudding
With white chocolate sauce


Hot Fudge Cream Puff


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